A Capital Availability Bottleneck

I’ve spent time with a few entrepreneurs recently. One of them is gifted at finding undervalued assets. He buys them at deep discounts, improves them, and sells them for premium prices. He’s got a great eye for opportunity and has a top-notch business. 

He said his main constraint is capital. He doesn’t have a deep network of people who invest in projects like his. So, he has relied on a single wealthy investor to back his projects. This has worked, but it’s put him at a disadvantage in negotiating terms. It also has limited the opportunities he could pursue because the investor, who must sign off on each project beforehand, doesn’t understand the potential of some of the assets.

It amazes me that an entrepreneur with a decade-long track record of success is constrained by capital availability. I suspect there’s a large, fragmented market of entrepreneurs like this one. Seems like a big opportunity!