A Space About to Be Disrupted

A few months ago, I wrote about a space ripe for disruption, specialty transport. Today I met with a founder who’s tackling this exact problem. As I complained about my experience (which I still haven’t resolved), he laughed because he’s heard it so many times. We continued to chat, and he shared his insights with me.

The space is antiquated, which I already knew, and it’s not sexy. Based on consumer trends, though, he sees this market exploding in the future. We discussed how big the opportunity could be, and he thinks it could reach $10 billion or more. Everyone’s going after an enormous adjacent market, so this market has minimal competition.

I think this founder is in a great position. If he and his team can execute, they could benefit from a convergence of factors and grab a good share of this market before others even realize it exists. I’ve agreed to be an early customer and can’t wait to be along for this journey.