A Workflow Management Wave Is Approaching

Today I met with two founders building impressive platforms. Both are workflow management solutions focused on patient care. (You can read what I’ve already written on workflow management.) I remain bullish on these types of companies. Today was a reminder of that, and it got me thinking about the future of workflow management.

Over the next decade, we’ll see an unprecedented rate of change and disruption. Technology will drive much of it. As it develops, consumers will receive and become accustomed to better service and higher quality. To satisfy their higher expectations (which will become the norm), businesses will be forced to adapt. Efficient, consistent delivery of products or services will go from nice-to-have to essential, especially as smaller businesses try to keep up with larger competitors.

These businesses will increasingly look for help from workflow management technology. They will seek software to empower them to do things they can’t do manually but that customers expect. They’ll be looking for consistency and efficiency to meet customers’ expectations while keeping labor costs reasonable.

I foresee a wave of demand for workflow management software. If you’re a founder or aspire to be one, consider looking for opportunities for technology to make companies’ output more consistent while saving time and minimizing manpower. If you find a space that sorely needs this, you might just have come across the next billion-dollar idea.