Adding Value by Rethinking—or Creating—Community

Over the last decade, there’s been a tremendous amount of progress toward creating a sense of community in the tech scene. Physical spaces, accelerators, and programs provide it in many cities. I watched this evolution in Atlanta and personally benefited from it. Being part of this community changed the course of my founder journey and opened my eyes to lots of things.

Today, I connected with a founder who’s trying to build community in a nontech industry. He moved to Atlanta a few years ago. When he looked for people in his industry, he found that he couldn’t easily connect with people or find a space where they could work and learn from one another. I immediately understood his problem and his vision for solving it. He’s trying to create a community for people like him.

This entrepreneur is on to something, and I’m rooting for him. After our conversation, I realized there’s a larger opportunity to solve this problem in various sectors. The pandemic has changed and will probably continue to change how we work. And in so doing, it’s allowing us—in fact, compelling us—to rethink how we create community. After quarantining for months, people are actively looking for ways to be apart of a community in new and different ways.

In industries in which community existed, now’s the time to rethink it and shape the future of the sector. In industries lacking community even before the pandemic, now is a great time to fill that gap. I see a massive entrepreneurial opportunity to create value for others by creating community. That will mean different things in different sectors. I’ll be excited to see the various ways founders solve this problem and bring people together!