An Entrepreneur Through Acquisition

Today I had a long conversation with a friend who recently bought a business. After being in corporate America for many years, she took the leap to become an entrepreneur through acquisition. During our chat, she shared a few things I found interesting.

Transitioning from a structured world with established processes, systems, infrastructure, and support staff to the less structured entrepreneurial world has been a challenge. Simple things she never had to think about, such as email domains, cloud storage, and verifying invoice accuracy, she now has to navigate. It’s a bit overwhelming, but also exciting.

Her mindset has shifted from worker to owner. It hadn’t occurred to her that she had a worker mindset, but she realized that she thinks and acts differently now that she’s an owner.

She views entrepreneurship as the best vehicle for elevating her financial life and leaving a legacy for her children. The benefit of business cash flows and value appreciation is hard to find outside entrepreneurship.

She wants more flexibility. She views entrepreneurship as a way of ultimately (after the business is running smoothly) controlling her time. Flexibility is important because she doesn’t want to miss important family moments because of a work schedule she doesn’t control.

Entrepreneurship is powerful. It drastically changes an entrepreneur’s life. My friend realized this and decided it’s the path for her. I’m super happy for her and can’t wait to see her business flourish.