Atlanta: A Place Founders Can Call Home

Over the last year, I’ve chatted with a few founders who are relocating to Atlanta. I’m bullish on the city and believe the best is yet to come, so I’m glad others are recognizing its value and moving here. I sat down with one of these founders, who just solidified his move date. I wanted to better understand his decision.

This founder shared a lot of things, and one of them especially resonated with me: he’s too comfortable. He doesn’t feel challenged and isn’t growing. He isn’t around people who are pushing the envelope, so he hasn’t been pushing as hard as he could, either. He’s hungry and knows he can go further as an entrepreneur but isn’t in the right environment.

During his visits to Atlanta, he found the community welcoming, and entrepreneurs were willing to share their experiences and relationships. The variety in the types of industries entrepreneurs operated in was refreshing.

Atlanta isn’t the only place founders are migrating to. Miami, Austin, and other cities are also attracting great founders. I do believe that Atlanta is unique, though, in that many founders who relocate see themselves putting down roots and calling Atlanta home for the long term. I’m excited about this movement and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Atlanta. I hope it will be known as—among other things—the place entrepreneurs call home.