Atlanta Continues to Transition into a Tier-One Major Metro

Last year, Money magazine ranked Atlanta as the best place to live in the U.S. in 2022. At the time, I shared my thoughts on Atlanta transitioning to a tier-one major metropolitan city. I believed the ranking showed that word was getting out. I wrote:

I’ve been a believer for many years that Atlanta is where the puck is headed. Most people don’t realize how great the city is. I’ve long believed that when word got out about the city’s greatness, it would go from being a metro city to what I call a tier-one major metro. That transition would put the city in a different stratosphere and able to compete as a destination with other tier-one major metros. I think of tier-one major metros as cities that are known outside the US as the undisputed capitals of their regions. Think New York City for the Northeast, Chicago for the Midwest, Los Angeles for the West. The Southeast has a few great cities, but not an undisputed capital, especially when you ask people outside the country.

Money came out with its “50 Best Places to Live in U.S. for 2023” list, and Atlanta has once again topped the list. My favorite lines from this year’s writeup:

Atlanta is big on culture, in every sense of the word. In years past, it helped catalyze the Civil Rights Movement, and was a nucleus of some of the most popular hip hop, R&B and country music we still listen to today. These days, our No. 1 place to live is nothing short of a cultural behemoth.

Atlanta is a place that people don’t want to just pass through temporarily. They want to plant roots and call it home because it offers the opportunity to pursue professional excellence, an amazing quality of life, and a diverse culture. This rare combination, along with numerous other positives, makes Atlanta unique and desirable. It also helps make a strong case for Atlanta to be the “capital” of the Southeast.

Congrats to the city for topping this list two years in a row. I’m happy others are recognizing what we’ve always known.

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