Biggest Takeaway from My Parents

Our parents have an outsize influence on us, whether we realize it or not. It can be positive or negative. The environment they create and the actions they take shape us. We’re usually in the environment they create and under their care for approximately eighteen years. That’s a long time. And that period is when the brain is still developing.

Today I thought about what I learned from my parents. I came up with a long list of things, but one trait especially stood out because both my parents displayed it. They consistently pursued the professions they’d chosen. Said differently:

They got up in the morning and went to work every day, whether they wanted to or not.

I remember having conversations with my dad about this. He worked for the same company for over thirty years. He openly shared that he often didn’t want to go to work. He didn’t enjoy the work or the culture (racism, etc.), but he was great at what he did, and it provided for the lifestyle he wanted his family to have. So he consistently went to work for over thirty years.

My mom was the same. She worked for the same organization for over forty years. She enjoyed her work and being able to have an impact, which helped, but it was still demanding. There were days she didn’t want to go, but she always did . . . for over forty years.

I think . . . I hope . . . I learned from them to persevere and be consistent, no matter what.