Choose Your Path Wisely

I caught up with a founder friend today. We talked about founder motivations, which can change over time. He made an interesting comment. If money is the main motivation, joining the team of a high-growth company should be considered—it can be more lucrative than starting something from zero. We recalled a few Atlanta start-ups where employees have made life-changing money turning the CEO’s vision into reality.

People have different motivations for wanting to become a founder. The most important thing is to be self-aware enough to understand what your main motivation is. Not being clear on this can make decision-making harder than it has to be.  

If money is the motivation—and there’s nothing wrong with that—be honest about it. Starting a company can definitely pay off financially, but be aware that it’s just one of many paths to potential riches. Choose your path wisely and try to align it with your main motivation.