Commit to Your Solution, Not Just the Startup Life

I was chatting with a founder friend about early-stage entrepreneurs. This person was a founder for over a decade and then sold his company. He’s lived it and achieved what many founders aspire to, a liquidity event. During our chat, he mentioned that early founders need to be committed to the problem they’re solving, not just fixated on being a founder or being part of a startup.

He’s right. He and I both spent over a decade building our respective companies. There were many tough periods and trying moments. Those are the times that test founders, and their commitment to the problem determines whether they pass the test. If a founder cares mostly about the title or the “glamour” of startup life, they probably won’t be motivated to stick it out during tough times.

Starting a company is hard, and building it is often a journey of a decade or more. If you’re considering being a founder, make sure that what you’re working on excites you enough to make you want to push through thick and thin.