Company Holiday Parties

I’ve attended many holiday parties over the years. My general thought is that the larger the company, the larger the party and the less depth there is in people’s interactions at the party. For some (not all), the party can feel like a chore. For a big company, team holiday gatherings can be a better option than a single large party. For example, if the sales team has 12 people and the marketing team has 8 people, have two separate team parties organized by the team leaders.

Small gatherings like this can bring more value. They’re more like a big family’s Sunday dinner than a huge family reunion. Teams who work closely every day can bond outside work and add a social layer to their relationships. Instead of trying to connect with people you barely know or don’t know at all at a huge party, you can strengthen relationships with people you already know in a more intimate setting.

Holidays are a great time to get team members together, and small team gatherings can be a great alternative to a huge company holiday party.