Complex Workflows: An Opportunity

I spent time today wrapping up a project I’ve been working on. It involved lots of moving pieces and nuances. The process to understand it all was much slower than I’d planned for, which prevented me from completing it on time. After I finished, I realized that everything I’d just done was a complex and painful workflow. If I’d used software to help me with it, it would’ve taken significantly less time and energy.

This project reminded me how much value can be created by helping others easily navigate complex workflows. Going forward, I’ll happily pay for software that helps me complete projects like this with less time and effort and fewer errors.

Solutions for complex workflows aren’t sexy at all, but they create massive amounts of value for customers and can be sticky (i.e., customers aren’t likely to leave). If you understand how to navigate complexity in a repeatable manner, there could be a massive entrepreneurial opportunity waiting for you. Lots of people like me would happily pay for help running the gauntlet.