Content Creators Need Capital to Grow

Today I chatted with an early founder. His business creates video content for automotive enthusiasts. He’s been at it for a few years and has built an audience of over 2 million followers on a single social media platform. With this following, he’s been able to develop several revenue streams. He’s a solopreneur who’s looking to expand his business and team.

We discussed his business high-level. He faces two challenges. The first is seasonality. His revenue streams are good but variable based on the time of year. The second is bandwidth. He has ideas that will provide more consistent cash flow, but he doesn’t always have the time to execute consistently on them. He works on them during slow periods, which prolongs getting those initiatives off the ground.

I get it. It’s the all-too-familiar story of the bootstrapping entrepreneur. I’d imagine he isn’t the only small creator experiencing these challenges—but he’s different because he’s proven he knows how to build a large audience and create content they enjoy. He just needs capital (and mentoring) to scale his business and make it a big one. I’m not familiar with the content-creation world, but I imagine that providing growth capital to proven early founders with aspirations of creating large content businesses is a good opportunity.