Create-X Demo Day

Today I attended Georgia Tech’s Create-X demo day at the Fox Theater. Around 80 start-ups in this cohort were working to solve interesting problems. More info on each company here. I always find the early founders at this event to be top-notch, and today was no exception.

One thing I noticed that added value to today’s event was its format. It was an open house: People could move around freely. No sitting at all. No pitches. Each start-up had a booth, and people could visit the booths at their own pace. I really like this format. It allowed visitors to spend more time with the start-ups they were most interested in, and it promoted serendipitous interactions among the visitors. I bumped into several people I hadn’t seen in some time and had some great conversations. And I was able to introduce people who didn’t know each other.

Rahul and team did a great job. I’m glad I attended, and I plan to keep supporting the program!