Current Labor Market = Entrepreneurial Opportunity

An interesting dynamic is playing out in the labor market right now. For many reasons (which I won’t get into), some businesses, such as restaurants, are having trouble hiring enough staff to meet customer demand. Some of them aren’t succeeding. Some are even having to reduce operating hours (or close entirely some days) so they don’t overwork and burn out the staff they do have.

These business owners are looking for ways to meet customer demand. Their traditional method of throwing manpower at the problem isn’t viable, so they’re open to new solutions. I think this staffing challenge will lead to accelerated adoption of technology in these industries. Technology can’t do everything a person can, so it won’t make the problem disappear. But it can make processes more efficient and allow businesses to do more with less. Their increased bandwidth can help them meet customer demand.

The current labor market has created a great opportunity for founders to build big businesses. Big markets are experiencing extremely painful problems, and decision-makers are in search of solutions to them. This is a dream scenario for an entrepreneur with the right background to solve these problems!