Desperation As a Superpower?

I shared an unconventional view with a friend this week: I believe that desperation can be a superpower when it’s harnessed—and great founders know how to harness it. When people’s backs are against the wall, miracles can happen. But only if their energy is focused.

Why? I think it’s simple: focus. When you’re in a tough or painful situation and desperate to get out, you zero in on what’s important. You ignore everything else. You focus on the things that can get you out of the situation. You’re not thinking about what you’ll do after or what you did before. You’re locked into the current situation and trying to escape it.

Nobody wants to be in a desperate situation, but life happens. If it happens to you, don’t give up. Some of the most unlikely outcomes—outcomes we celebrate—arose from the ashes of a desperate situation because someone focused and refused to give up.