Digital Privacy

Today I had a great chat with an entrepreneur who’s solving a problem some might not consider a problem. He’s addressing privacy and helping people gauge what information isn’t private. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the high-level explanation. As I listened to him, I thought, “I’d pay for this.”

Most people who know me well would say I’m a very private person. And they’re right. In an increasingly digital world, I believe privacy will come to have immense value. Sadly, I think many will give away their privacy (without realizing it) and regret it dearly someday. The rarer digital privacy becomes, the more desirable it will seem.

Some early services are working in this area, but I think this entrepreneur’s vision is ahead of the curve. He’s skating to where he thinks the puck will be, and I believe he’s right. As we continue to digitize our lives, I’m curious to see how society’s thinking about digital privacy and personal information evolves and what people will pay to feel like they have digital privacy.