Everybody Isn’t Billion or Bust

Not every founder wants to build a billion-dollar business. Truth be told, most businesses don’t have the potential to reach that size anyway. The vast majority of businesses (think more than 90%) never even make it to $1 million in annual revenue. If a founder has a goal that’s less than a billion, it’s still hard as hell and many people will never do it.

Building a company with seven (or eight) figures in revenue is no small task. The journey will be years long and full of learnings. If the company is successful, it can help to financially derisk founders too. Building and capitalizing this type of company probably won’t include venture capital and may not get your name in the headlines, but it’s still a great path to pursue. The key is knowing what you’re aiming for and why it’s the right goal for you.

If you’re considering being a founder but don’t want to build a billion-dollar company, go for it. The experience could be life changing and you’ll be in good company—plenty of other amazing founders have trod a similar path before you.