Excited to Learn

I’m continuing with my learning survey, which turned into a customer discovery exercise. I’ve been intentional about talking with entrepreneurs and investors who provide early-stage entrepreneurs with capital to build businesses.

Today I spoke with someone who has founded multiple companies and is now a venture capital investor. After I finished asking him questions, I shared what I’ve learned so far and some of my insights. As we chatted more about learning, he shared personal stories about how learning the right things at the right time changed the trajectory of his life. The more he spoke, the more excited he became.

As I reflected on this conversation, I realized that most people who’ve been part of my survey have shown similar excitement. The conversations have illuminated lots of friction for people learning outside of structured learning environments like school. But even with this friction, entrepreneurs and investors have a thirst for wisdom and are excited about learning. My conversations have led me to believe that that thirst isn’t being quenched in a way that suits their on-the-go, digital lifestyle.