Experience Makes Things Automatic

I had the chance to meet with and listen to a few seasoned Atlanta founders recently. They’ve built businesses worth billions, and some have exited their companies. When these guys and gals talk about business, they know what they’re talking about, so you want to listen. As they answered questions and gave their thoughts on what to do in difficult situations, I noticed that they didn’t hesitate. They knew exactly what to do and how to do it. It was as if it was automatic.

They also shared specific experiences. They described hesitating in making certain decisions early in their journey, only to regret not making them sooner. They learned painful lessons that stuck with them. When they face similar challenging situations now, they act quickly and confidently.

My big takeaway is that experience makes what you do in difficult situations automatic. Living through something difficult (or watching others live it) is the ultimate learning. It helps you recognize what you’re dealing with and act decisively. It’s automatic—meaning you don’t have to ponder and wonder and worry; you know what to do and act quickly.

Experience is immensely valuable to entrepreneurs. If you want to be able to act automatically in difficult situations, make it a priority to get that experience or become connected with people who have it.