Experimenting with a New Schedule

I’ve developed a habit of starting my day with physical activity. Walking, weights, etc. Getting my blood flowing and working up a nice sweat. It’s been a great way to get the day going, and it gives me energy throughout the day.

I’m a morning person. My brain is firing on all cylinders when I first wake up. I have my best ideas and clearest thoughts early in the morning when it’s quiet. Knowing this, I didn’t always feel like I was getting the most out of my most productive time, since I was exercising instead of thinking.

I want to be intentional about reading more long-form pieces as part of my daily learning habit. I usually do this in the evening. Sometimes I’m tired, which affects how much I absorb. And I tend to put off reading anything that requires deep thinking.

This week I decided to tinker with my schedule a bit. My goal is to figure out what the right activity is for my most productive early-morning hours.

I’m going to experiment with starting my day reading long-form writings. I plan to focus on things experts have written about topics I want to learn more about and on dense business materials (e.g., white papers and reports). The idea is to be able to think more and absorb more of what I’m reading because my brain will be fresh. I’ll keep reading in the evening too, but I’ll focus then on stories and autobiographies where I just need to follow along. As for my workouts, I’m aiming to do those at lunchtime.

I’m curious to see how this experiment works and what I learn from it.