Financial Services Is Apple’s Next Big Market: Latest Move

I’ve been sharing my views about Apple’s push into financial services since 2021. I believe digital distribution will disrupt banking. I also believe the iPhone has positioned Apple perfectly to benefit from this change and become the financial services partner consumers and small businesses trust. Here are some of the moves I’ve noticed:

Yesterday it was reported that Apple has expanded testing of its Apple Pay Later service to its employees. This is a big step that shows the company’s getting closer to launching this product widely.

Markets matter a lot. Big outcomes require large markets. Apple is an enormous company worth (i.e., with a market cap of) about $2.4 trillion as of this writing. Any new business that Apple pursues must be—or have the potential to be—a large market. Otherwise, it won’t move the needle for a company as huge as Apple. Consumer and small business financial services is an enormous market, and it’s been primed to be disrupted by changes in how consumers access financial products (digital vs. brick and mortar). This makes it an amazing and high-priority opportunity for Apple.

Don’t be surprised if iBank or Apple Bank dominates consumer and small business financial services within the next five to ten years.