Focused and Intentional Reading

Today I listened to an investor describe how he prepares mentally for investing. It’s a process of continual learning by being focused and intentional with his reading. He reads with an intent to acquire knowledge on a specific subject. After picking a topic he wants to understand better, he finds books written by people who understand the topic better than he does. He focuses on identifying and understanding the main argument of each book, not consuming every supporting detail. This allows him to consume the most important parts of the books at the rate he deems appropriate (instead of consuming the books—with every detail and example that supports the main argument—at the pace the authors intended). This approach also allows him to compare what he’s reading in various books on the same subject and uncover valuable insights more easily.

There’s more to his approach, but that’s the gist of it. It really got me thinking. I’m going to learn more about it.