Founders Don’t Take Their Entrepreneurial Journey Alone

Had a great chat with a founder friend today. We’ve known each other a long time and were catching up. We agreed that personal things have affected how we’ve approached entrepreneurship. We both love entrepreneurship, but at times we’ve had to scale back what we give to it when people in our personal lives have needed our support.

Founders live, eat, and breathe their company. They often have little to give in other parts of their life. When I started CCAW, I was fine with giving my all to it, and my family was too. They were supportive. They cheered me on as I worked crazy hours. But there came a time when they needed more from me. I adjusted and directed a lot of my energy away from CCAW and toward them. When their time of need passed, I refocused on CCAW.

The entrepreneurial journey isn’t traveled just by founders—their loved ones are along for the ride. If you’re considering entrepreneurship, be sure to think about the people you care about. Will they be OK with your giving so much of yourself to your new thing? And will you be there for them when they need you more than your business does?