Fundraising Tip: Ask VCs about Their Process and Timeline

Fundraising season is in full swing, and founders are having lots of meetings with VC firms. Many are trying to complete their fundraising before the holiday season begins in November. And many think, because of the rapid decision processes in the 2020 to early 2022 period, that that’s plenty of time.

Getting a quick decision isn’t a given these days. Some firms may still say yea or nay quickly, but many have adjusted their internal processes to spend more time evaluating a company before deciding whether to invest. Said differently, some firms are taking longer to decide.

The best thing founders can do is not assume. During initial meetings, they should ask, “Assuming an investment will be made, what steps are left in the firm’s decision-making process?” “What’s the average time frame to complete those steps?” Who else will I need to meet with before a final decision is made?”

These simple questions help founders set loose expectations and give them a better idea of where they are in the firm’s process. This helps the founder run a better fundraise process and, hopefully, increases the chances of success.