Get to Know People with Goals Like Yours

Had a great chat with an investor today. We discussed why some founders struggle when they transition out of big organizations. He shared an observation with me: Employees working at larger companies who don’t have founder friends but want to be a founder tend to focus on working hard at work. They miss the mark on building an outside network—so, when they start their company, they don’t know anyone who can help them.

As I listened to this investor, I thought about my early days as a founder. I quit a job in a big company, only to realize that I didn’t know anybody who was building a company. It felt like I was the lone man on an island. I eventually sought out other early startup founders, we formed a cohort, and my trajectory changed completely.

If you aspire to building a startup, start seeking out people who are building companies or who support people building companies. They will be instrumental in helping you navigate the entrepreneurial journey.