Great Questions Can Lead to Great Outcomes

Decision-making and quick learning are keys to success. If you can learn quickly and apply your new knowledge to improve your decision-making, you’re more likely to achieve your goals. As I thought more about how I’ve observed others learn, another pattern emerged: great questions.

Whenever I meet with successful people, they ask me great questions. I often leave meetings thinking about things that had never before occurred to me. They usually don’t tell me what to do, but nevertheless they have a huge impact on my decision-making.

Great questions don’t always have to come from other people. In difficult situations, I’ve had some tough conversations with myself. I’m capable of asking myself tough questions! Where am I failing? Why am I doing this? What’s my biggest fear for this project? Answering such questions honestly has clarified things and helped me make better decisions and push through.

Great questions can lead to great outcomes. If there’s something great you want to accomplish, consider putting yourself in position to be asked great questions.