How I Save Interesting Podcast Points

I’ve been listening to more podcasts recently. I’m usually doing something else at the same time (e.g., exercising), so the time feels more productive. One of the problems I’ve had is noting important things I hear in podcasts. It’s inconvenient (and sometimes dangerous) to abruptly stop what I’m doing to note what I heard and when I heard it.

I figured I’m not the only person having this problem, so I did some research. I came across the Snipd app. It’s a podcast player that generates transcripts using AI. As you listen to a podcast episode, the app allows you to highlight and save parts you want to revisit with the simple tap of a button. You can even export the highlights to other systems, such as notetaking apps.

I began testing the free version of Snipd recently. I haven’t tried all its features, but so far it’s materially better than what I was doing before. The friction to record podcast insights has been reduced drastically.

I’m going to continue testing the app, but so far I like it and plan to add it to my list of learning tools.