I Want to Be a Founder, but I Haven’t Found the Problem I Want to Solve

Following up on the heels of what I wrote yesterday, I want to share an alternative path for people who want to be an entrepreneur but haven’t found a problem they’re passionate about solving. A lot of people think entrepreneurship is binary: you’re either a founder or you’re wasting time working for someone else. I disagree. I believe this thinking contributes to people forcing entrepreneurship.

Working for an early-stage company with ten or fewer people can be a great path. It’s incredibly risky to work for a company that could fail—but it’s less risky than founding one! You’ll learn what start-up life is like on a day-to-day basis. You’ll also gain invaluable knowledge about what does and doesn’t work when you’re trying to take something from zero to one. That knowledge and the relationships you build during that journey will position you for success when you do find the thing you want to go all-in on. I think of it as a try-it-before-you-buy-it approach and a terrific stepping-stone for aspiring founders.

If you want to be a founder but haven’t found your thing yet, this and other alternative paths are available. Don’t feel you have to force it by pursuing something you’re not passionate about. That could really be a waste of time.