Ideas Are Never Too Early for Feedback

I had a conversation with a buddy about a real estate solution this past week. I recognized a problem and called him to get his perspective because he has years of experienced in the space. He agreed the problem is real and the solution seems viable. However, he questioned whether using resources to execute the solution would be the best use of those resources. Based on his experience, he thinks the same resources could be used to implement four smaller solutions in roughly the same time or less. Those four solutions could create value for more people than the larger single solution would.

I’m so glad I asked my buddy for his thoughts. My early thoughts weren’t developed and structured. Even with the rough starting point, though, his experience allowed him to see things  I couldn’t. After hearing his perspective, I’m thinking about this solution differently.

This was a reminder for me that it’s never too early to begin talking with others about ideas. Those conversations can reveal gaps in my thinking and refine it.