Inboxes Are Winning and I’m Losing

Email has always been a challenge for me to manage. I’ve tried a variety of approaches over the years but never found one I could love. Inbox zero was always my goal, but I never got there. As I’ve embraced messaging through other platforms (Slack, LinkedIn, etc.) and added email accounts, my frustration has intensified. These days I’ve gone beyond annoyed to exasperated enough to seek a solution (and I’ll happily pay for it). I’m not doing anything unique, so I assume others experience this pain too.

With less in-person interaction in the foreseeable future, I think written communication will remain elevated (along with video). Email, Slack, text messages, direct messages, and more . . . they all require the user to manage an inbox inside an application. And the number of applications is growing by the day. I foresee more people struggling to communicate effectively via all these different apps.

Today I had a great conversation with a fellow entrepreneur about this. He feels the same way. Every day, he keeps multiple browser windows and tabs open for all his different inboxes. We dug into the problem more, discussed the shortcomings of existing products, and debated the desire for a solution to this in the market. We have a ton of questions we couldn’t answer but agreed there could be something here.

I don’t know what a solution would look like or how it would work, but I believe there’s a problem waiting to be solved. In my opinion, there’s a real entrepreneurial opportunity to build a sizeable business around the solution to too many inboxes.