Increase in Bespoke Education

Over the last eighteen months, I’ve noticed a trend. More people are actively self-educating. They’re owning filling their knowledge gaps in areas that interest them. I’ve personally talked to people learning about personal finance, starting a nonprofit, building a real estate portfolio, and a host of other things. To be clear, I’m not saying self-education is new, but I’m seeing an increased comfort level with and desire for it.

I think that overall, this is a good trend. Knowledge is power, and people are seeking out the knowledge they feel they need to empower themselves. It will change some of their lives. Platforms—YouTube, Twitter, and others—give subject-matter experts a mode of distribution (and monetization) that’s readily accessible to the masses.

How people think about education is on the cusp of massive change. Instead of the masses accepting curriculums set without their input, we’ll start to see more people embracing a bespoke approach. Many people will take ownership of their educational paths earlier and zero in on things that interest them earlier. Lots of this education will be done via digital platforms that allow people to learn the latest thinking from people worldwide.

I’m excited about following this trend and think it could have broad impact.