Insights from an Entrepreneur after Failure

I listened to an exchange the other day that resonated with me. A former entrepreneur who couldn’t get his idea off the ground was talking to a friend.

Former entrepreneur: I used to think I had to be the leader or the ideas guy. I’m starting to realize I’m happier executing someone else’s vision. I like being on teams.

Friend: Really? You always wanted to start your own thing.

Former entrepreneur: I think I just thought that because I was supposed to.

The self-awareness of this person and the circumstances that led to his growth struck me. He has embraced being better suited to be a good team member than the leader. That’s a tough pill to swallow for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurship is demanding. For many people, it doesn’t work out. If you’re considering it, just know that even if your idea doesn’t fly, it won’t be the end of the world. You’ll learn a lot from making the attempt, and that growth will be priceless. It may be the very reason for your future success.