Jeff Bezos in Transition

Today Jeff Bezos announced that he will step down as CEO of Amazon later this year. Last week, I wrote about journeys cycling around. I couldn’t help but think about that post when I read the announcement. Jeff will still be involved with Amazon. He’ll be chairman of the board (to which the CEO reports).

Jeff pointed out that this transition will give him time and energy for other initiatives outside of Amazon, including the Washington Post, Blue Origin, and Bezos Day One Fund. It sounds like Jeff is working toward the “rebirth” I discussed in last week’s post.

Amazon is an amazing entrepreneurial story. The fact that Jeff led this company from the idea stage to over 1.3 million employees and a $1.7 trillion market capitalization (i.e. valuation) says a lot about him. He’s a legendary founder who I suspect will go on to do even more amazing things after Amazon.