Last Week’s Hurdles and Lessons (Week Ending 6/30/24)

Current Project: Reading books about entrepreneurs and sharing what I learned from them via blog posts and audio podcasts

Mission: Create a library of wisdom from notable entrepreneurs that current entrepreneurs can leverage to increase their chances of success

What I struggled with:

  • Missing a post – Friday, I didn’t do a great job of managing my time and didn’t publish an audio podcast. It was recorded but not fully edited in time. I caught up over the weekend, so I’m back on track.  

What I learned:

  • I researched entrepreneurs who’ve successfully built businesses by sharing “knowledge” about entrepreneurship on various content-distribution platforms. I didn’t assess whether what they’re sharing is of value; rather, I focused on their visible platform metrics and made some assumptions. The likely size of the businesses they’ve built is shocking. I thought about it from a market perspective. People are actively seeking to fill their knowledge gaps around entrepreneurship, and that demand is growing rapidly. From the outside, the space looks unattractive and unsophisticated. I saw this as a sign that the market is in its relatively early stages and growing quickly but that savvy entrepreneurs are capitalizing on these characteristics.
  • Creating a set of questions to answer before I start reading a book was helpful. As I read, I can note passages that help answer the questions. It also helped with distillation. I still have work to refine the questions, but this feels directionally accurate.
  • Atlanta has a large community of content-creator entrepreneurs, and events are focused on this community.
  • Content-creator entrepreneurs struggle to manage their growth and add structure so their businesses can continue growing.
  • I need to start looking for ways to reduce my editing time, maybe by being more concise when I record and/or finding an editor who can help.  

Those are my struggles and learnings from the week!

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