Looking at Things Through the Lens of Time

I had an interesting conversation with a founder. I always love to understand what drove someone to pursue entrepreneurship—it’s a risky path, a big decision. Understanding why they chose it can tell you a lot about them. This founder had a great, high-paying job at one of the most-recognized companies in the world. I really wanted to understand why he gave it up.

His answer wasn’t what I expected. He said he changed his perspective. He began looking at the world in terms of time, not money. He thought about how much time he had left to live and the closing window of opportunity to start something that he was passionate about. By the time he could amass FU money from his job, he might not be able to start the company he’s passionate about. His realized that his time is more valuable than the additional money (he’d already amassed a nest egg) he’d be chasing.

Time is the great equalizer. You can’t buy it, sell it, or trade it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Everyone gets the same amount of it. How you use it is a big factor in your trajectory. This founder is choosing to spend his time building something he’s passionate about and enjoying his family. How are you spending your time?