Make It Easy for People to Understand What You Do

Many years ago, I was explaining what my company did to a good friend. All she knew was that I was an entrepreneur building a business. My explanation included details about the industry and lots of industry jargon. At the end of it, she said, “I don’t really understand what all that means or what you do, but it sounds cool. I hope it turns out well for you.”

This week I spoke with a founder who made the same mistake. After listening to him pitch his company, I still wasn’t exactly sure what it did. Conveying what you do in simple terms is important, and it’s usually a sign of a strong founder. Making it easy to understand what your company does and how it creates value for customers is the first step in getting people to support it.

All those years ago, when I heard my friend’s feedback, I backed up and rephrased. “We help connect consumers to hard-to-find auto parts using technology.” That time, she got it! And she gave me the names of a few people she thought I should connect with who could help my business.

If you’re a founder or considering entrepreneurship, make sure others can understand what you do. If they don’t, simplify it.