My Plan for These Posts: Get Back to Sharing Insights

When I started posting daily in 2020, I had a decade-plus of entrepreneurial experience from building a company. I thought about those experiences and identified insights about entrepreneurship. Then I shared my insights in a way that people could understand (and hopefully find useful).

Lately, I haven’t been getting as much from the process of creating my posts. I thought about why I feel this way and concluded that I haven’t been as consistent in sharing insights in my posts. More of my posts have contained information but not shared deep understandings. I realized that the process of gaining an understanding of a topic and then distilling and sharing it concisely is fulfilling. It isn’t always easy to come up with insights and communicate them, but I’ve enjoyed it when I have.

I want to get back to writing more insightful posts. To do so, I’ll need to accelerate the rate at which I acquire knowledge on certain topics and come to understand them.