My Reading Mojo: Gone (Temporarily)

I’ve been on a good roll reading books. I’ve got a solid habit down, and I’m getting more from my reading than ever. This weekend I started another book. After a few days, I noticed that I couldn’t stay focused as I read and my pace was much slower. I tried to power through it, but today I had a realization.

The book I’m reading is killing my momentum. It was recommended in another book I read. But now that I’m into this book, I’m finding that it isn’t a good fit for me.

The book feels like a textbook. It goes into tons of detail about everything and contains many references to others’ works. And its main concept isn’t clearly articulated. This is all very different from the biographies and historical recounts I enjoy reading.

I tested my thesis: I started reading another book. Within thirty minutes, I was laser focused and reading twice as fast. I was back!

My takeaway is that all books aren’t for me. If a book is zapping my energy, best to put it aside for now and read something else.