No . . . It’s a Matter of Perspective

This week, I was told no and I had to tell others no. Not just at work, but also in my personal life. “No” is difficult, whether you’re on the giving or receiving end. But it’s part of life—something we all must accept. A friend observed that “no” doesn’t bother me. But that’s not totally accurate. I get disappointed like everyone else, but I tend to move past the answer quickly and focus on the why behind it.

I don’t tend to ask why when someone tells me yes. But understanding why people have told me no has taught me a lot. When I don’t get the outcome I’d hoped for, I’m still focusing on how I can achieve it. Understanding why someone told me no shows me perspectives I might not have had—or understood—before. I can use them to adjust my plan and increase the odds of hearing “yes” next time.

Hearing no is tough, and it can be frustrating. But it isn’t the end of the world. If you believe in what you’re doing, try to understand the why. It will help you move past the rejection and position yourself for a yes in the future.