Old Problem Needing New Solutions = Opportunity

Over the last few months I’ve heard a number of entrepreneurs express concern for the mental wellness of their team. They’re unsure how working from home is affecting them. Are they sad . . . anxious . . . happy . . . neutral? A few of them began conducting one-on-one video meetings with every team member (not just their direct reports). This is thoughtful, but it won’t scale. If more than 50 or 60 people are on the team, there’s not enough time in the day to meet with them individually.

Understanding employee morale has always been a priority for leaders. In the past they could walk the halls and get a pretty good idea. No more. Gauging the morale of employees who are working from home is a pressing problem.

Today I met with an entrepreneur who’s looking to solve it with software. A few years ago, he realized employers had a retention issue. He predicted that an early understanding of how employees are feeling about things could prevent team turnover. If a manager is aware of an issue early on, it can be addressed before it causes the employee to resign. This entrepreneur has raised some funding from investors and I’ll be excited to see the next version of his product.

The pandemic is challenging everyone, but it’s also creating opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. People still have the same needs, and they’re actively seeking new ways to get them met.

Opportunities like this don’t happen often. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, seize the day!