OnlyFans Paid $338 Million Annual Dividend

OnlyFans is a social media company that’s surged in popularity since the pandemic. The company has a less-than-stellar reputation because of the type of content creators post on the site. I’ve never used the site and don’t know a lot about it, but I read an article about the financials that caught my attention.

The parent company, Fenix International Limited, is based in the UK, so its financial statements are public. I looked at its latest financial report covering 2022 and noted the following:

  • Creators on the platform grew 47% to 2.16 million
  • Fans (i.e., users) on the platform grew 27% to 187.9 million
  • $1.09 billion in total annual revenue
  • ~67% of annual revenue is generated in the US
  • ~48% of revenue is subscription
  • ~52% of revenue is transactional (take rates from purchases)
  • Net profit (after taxes) of ~37% or $403 million
  • Dividend of $338 million paid in 2022
  • Dividend of $310 million paid in 2021

Bloomberg says the company is owned by a single individual, to whom all dividends are paid.

Again, I don’t know anything about the platform and haven’t used it, but its financial performance is something to take note of. The revenue, net profit, and dividend figures surprised me.