Passion + Unique Insight Led to a Start-up

I met with an impressive founder who turned his love for music into a thriving business. He noticed that the genre he’s passionate about wasn’t being given proper credit from a business perspective. The innovation and strategies that helped catapult the genre into greater public awareness and change the landscape of music weren’t being reported on. So, he created a media company that does just that. He’s been able to attract the top names in the genre—artists, music executives, founders, and others. They talk about their journeys and the strategies they’ve used to achieve outsize success in the genre.

I really like this founder’s approach to entrepreneurship. He saw an overlooked niche that aligned with his passion. He figured out a business model and was able to go full-time on the business a year after founding it. I’m excited to follow his journey and have no doubt he’s well on his way to building something massive.