Peer Groups Aren’t for Competing

I credit the help of peers with being one of the biggest factors in my success as a founder. I’m grateful I was able to connect with other founders grappling with similar issues. We shared our experiences with each other, which helped us avoid pitfalls and go further faster.

Recently, I connected with a smart founder who could benefit from hearing other founders’ experiences. As I’ve gotten to know him, I’ve learned that it’s difficult for him to watch other people win if he isn’t winning. This mindset is one of things keeping him from stepping up from being a good founder to being a great one.

I’m a huge fan of founders helping one another via peer groups. When you participate in a peer group, it’s important to be mindful that the goal isn’t to be the “best” founder in the group, it’s to be a contributing member of the group. That means learning from and supporting one another. Learning, that is, from the experiences of smart people and applying that knowledge to your own situation. And supporting each other through the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey.

Peer groups are amazing, and I recommend them to anyone who can tamp down their competitiveness enough to be a supportive contributing member.