Perspective of a New ATLien

I connected with a fellow investor this past week. He recently moved to Atlanta from the Northeast. During our conversation, he shared a few thoughts about the city:

  • Quality of life – He loves the quality of life in Atlanta compared to the big city he came from. It offers many things you’d expect in a major metro area but also plenty of quaint neighborhoods.
  • Home – He purchased a home, and he sees himself being in Atlanta long-term. Housing prices in the city are very affordable compared to his previous city.
  • Trend – Other people in his Northeast network are considering relocating to Atlanta.
  • Entrepreneurship – Atlanta has smart founders and a pool of talented people. He sees more great companies coming out of Atlanta.

I’ve always thought Atlanta is a great city with a lot to offer. I’m happy it’s finally getting the credit it deserves and that others want to call it home!