Pitch with a Little Passion

Yesterday I talked about the importance of founders simplifying their pitch. I didn’t mention another critical aspect of pitching: founders should convey their passion when they pitch. I’m not talking screaming or doing anything inappropriate. Just make it clear how much it means in a way that’s authentic.

Founders are evangelists for their companies. Especially in the early days. They’re who will get others excited about buying from the company or even joining it. Effective evangelism requires passion and enthusiasm, both of which convey conviction. Founders often lay everything on the line to start a company. When they pitch, their listeners should understand that the venture is so important to them that they’ve taken on an almost incomprehensible level of risk.

If you’re a founder or want to be, make sure your passion comes through in your pitch (in a way that fits your personality). If people can’t tell you’re excited about your company, it will be hard for them to get excited.