Reading Hack: Follow Your Finger

I want to improve how efficiently I learn—specifically, how efficiently I read. To answer the question of how I can improve my ability to learn through reading, I sought out a few books and experts on the topic. From these sources, I’ve learned a few ways to read faster with better comprehension. One suggestion that I heard consistently was simple but effective: underline the words you’re reading with something (e.g., your finger or a pen).

A few observations on why this technique works:

  • Speed – The pointer acts as a visual pacer: your eyes will move as fast as it does. If you want to increase your reading speed, you can move the pointer faster. This is a good way to practice improving your reading speed.  
  • Comprehension – Your eyes focus on what you’re pointing to. You’re less likely to daydream or be distracted by things happening around you. With the power of focus, your understanding of what you’re reading improves.

I’ve tried this hack, and I must admit, it works when it’s applied consistently. If you want to improve your reading speed and comprehension, consider following your finger.