Reflections After a Successful Raise: The Evolving Pitch Deck

I met with a founder about his successful fundraise. I was curious about what he learned from the process. Some of his learnings are to be expected; for example, realizing that to hit his goal, he needed to pitch more investors than he planned for. But he also shared something else: he didn’t crystalize his pitch (or finalize his pitch deck) until the end of his fundraise process.

This founder talked to many people who poked holes in his business from many angles. He was asked questions he’d never thought about. Most of those pitches ended in a no, but he reflected, talked with his cofounders, and made changes when necessary. While painful, the fundraising process gave him more clarity about, and confidence in, what they’re attempting to do.

A founder spends lots of time preparing a fundraising pitch deck. They often feel they’ve created a masterpiece. Many are surprised when they learn it’s just the beginning. Their masterpiece may look very different by the end of a successful fundraising.