Relationship Hack: Share Curated Links

Today a friend sent me a link to an interview on a topic I’m interested in. I’d never have known about this interview if he hadn’t shared it. I listened to it, and it was terrific. I got lots of ideas from it and shared it with others. We ended up having a great text exchange about the interview.

Today was a reminder of the power of sharing links to interesting information. (I define “interesting” as being about a topic the recipient has expressed interest in.) It’s such a good way to build and maintain relationships. Essentially, it’s curation. Sifting through information, selecting the most value-added items, and presenting them to others gives them something of value and leaves a positive impression of you in their mind. It also saves them a massive amount of time. Said differently, it’s a simple way to offer value to others and stay top of mind with them.