Today I read Fred Wilson’s post about sleep. Wilson is a well-known VC and general partner at Union Square Ventures, which he cofounded in 2003. In his post, Wilson talks about his struggles with sleep over the years and what changes he’s made to improve it. The big takeaway is that poor sleepers can improve their sleep, and even become good sleepers, by changing their habits.

I’ve spent time researching ways to improve my sleep. I don’t have an Oura Ring like Wilson, but I’ve done a few things that have significantly improved my sleep quality:

  • Eight Sleep bed – This bed has had the biggest impact on my sleep quality. I was an early adopter and have had one of these for a few years. The bed regulates the temperature, which helps me get into and stay in a deep sleep.
  • Television – I don’t have a TV in the bedroom. My body knows that when I’m in my bed, it’s time to start transitioning to sleep mode.
  • Bedtime – I try to stick with a consistent bedtime on weekdays. This keeps my body on a schedule.
  • Reading – I like to read in bed to wind down. I try not to read anything that requires deep concentration and usually save biographies and histories for bedtime.  
  • Blackout curtains – I’ve found that a dark room helps me go to sleep and stay asleep.

Sleep quality is something I’m curious about. Good sleep’s ROI is massive. Therefore, I enjoy learning about the subject and tinkering with ways to improve the quality of my sleep. I suspect that high-quality sleep will be a lifelong quest as my body continues to evolve.